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Help us continue making miracles every day

California Surrogacy Center is a trusted provider of surrogacy and egg donation.

We make miracles happen every day by helping individuals and couples find alternative methods of having children that are right for them. Whether you’re a future parent hoping to start a family or are interested in becoming a surrogate mother or egg donor, we are committed to making your experience positive and rewarding from pre-screening, to delivery, and beyond. Learn more about us!



The road to parenthood looks
different for everyone

If you are unable to conceive naturally and are considering an alternative method of having children, California Surrogacy Center can guide you on your journey. We’ve successfully helped thousands of individuals and couples grow their families and have 10 years of experience matching future parents with the best surrogates and egg donors in Southern California. 
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At California Surrogacy Center, we offer gestational surrogacy, which involves fertilizing an embryo outside the womb and implanting it into a surrogate mother’s uterus. If you’re exploring the idea of surrogacy, we hope you’ll join our family of compassionate surrogate mothers. From your initial screening, to matching you with future parents, through the fertility process, to delivery, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. 
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Egg donors give hope

The egg donation process begins with an application. Once your application is approved, you will move on to an initial screening and interview process, which helps us build a perfect match with future parents. As an egg donor, you will be generously compensated for your time, commitment, and dedication to helping a family in need. And, we’ll be here to offer the support you need to get the most out of this incredible experience.
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Discover What Makes California Surrogacy Center So Special

What better people to work with again then the lovely ladies working at California Surrogacy Center. These women were there through the duration of the pregnancy. The care and treatment the intended parents, the unborn baby and I received was astounding. I only wish that I had received such care with my own children.
— Michelle M., Repeat Surrogate

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