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At California Surrogacy Center, our surrogacy program is designed to match future parents with responsible, compassionate women who have a desire to help create families.

We focus on compatibility, first and foremost, as a successful pregnancy relies on a healthy relationship between future parents and a surrogate mother. Our matching methodology also takes into account personality, reproductive choices, medical criteria, and other factors that are important to you.

When you choose California Surrogacy Center to help create your family, you get the peace of mind of knowing we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure your path to parenthood is as rewarding and memorable as it should be.



How Does Surrogacy Work?

At California Surrogacy Center, we understand that every journey to parenthood is a little bit different. That’s why we tailor our surrogacy program to each individual or couple. It all starts with an application where we learn more about you and your preferences. Then, we’ll schedule an initial consultation where you will receive information on the surrogacy process, how we match future parents with a surrogate, legalities, and surrogate mother costs.

 After joining our surrogacy program, you will be introduced to your surrogacy coordinator who will guide you through the entire journey. If you and your partner will be the biological parents to your child, you will need to complete a medical screening. Meanwhile, the woman who will become your surrogate mother is going through a rigorous application and screening process. After her application is accepted, she will also undergo thorough medical and psychological screenings as well as criminal and financial background checks to make sure she is a healthy candidate to carry your baby.

 When all parties have been screened, we’ll use criteria that’s important to you to match you with a surrogate mother. Once we’ve found a surrogate whom we believe will be a good match, we’ll facilitate an introduction. Ultimately, you decide who will protect and nourish your baby for the first nine months of its life. If we don’t get it right on the first try, we will continue to provide guidance and support until you feel confident in your choice.

 Finally, you and your surrogate mother will undergo IVF to achieve a successful pregnancy. The entire surrogacy process typically takes between 15 and 18 months, though there are many variables that can influence this timeline.

Benefits of Surrogacy

Whether you’re a same-sex couple, an individual who is ready to have children, or you’ve struggled with infertility, surrogacy makes it possible for nearly anyone to achieve the dream of building a family. There are many benefits of surrogacy for future parents, including:

  • Gestational surrogacy, the type of surrogacy we offer at California Surrogacy Center, allows one or both parents to be biologically related to their child.
  • Surrogacy gives future parents the opportunity to be involved in the pregnancy and delivery experience and raise a child from birth.

  • Surrogacy allows same-sex couples, individuals, and hopeful parents with fertility issues to have children when they couldn’t otherwise.

  • A surrogate mother has already had a healthy pregnancy and delivery of her own, which increases the likelihood of a successful surrogate pregnancy.

  • Surrogacy gives future parents the opportunity to bond with their surrogate mother and get to know her family.

Surrogate Mother Costs

If you are interested in using a surrogate mother, please contact California Surrogacy Center about pricing. You will receive a comprehensive price schedule, which details the cost of using a surrogate mother, surrogacy agency fees, and the costs associated with IVF, insurance, and legal representation, during your initial consultation.